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20 Ideas to #StayHome Safe & Smiling

  • 4 min read
20 Ideas to #StayHome Safe & Smiling | The Bam&Boo Blog | Bam&Boo Bamboo Toothbrush

Home is where your safety is. Right now. We are all working and socializing remotely. So The Bam&Boo team is happy to share 20 ideas to keep you healthy and smiling throughout this COVID-19 outbreak.

So, The Bam&Boo team has scheduled a hangout meetup to brainstorm and share what each one is doing home alone or with families and friends during this quarantine. 

Some drank beer, others made a cocktail or just warm tea. We had lots of fun in this virtual get-together! We sincerely hope you can enjoy these 20 ideas to #StayHome smiling all the way

 1. Engage in Video Live Chat 

    Just like our team got together online through Google Hangout, while staying safe at home, you can also do it with family, friends, and co-workers. There are several platforms and it’s very easy to get started. You just need an Internet connection and a smartphone or computer. Here are other suggestions: WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger.

    2. Do TikTok challenges

    In case you’re not familiar with this trend yet, now is the time to challenge yourself, family & friends, and get your juices flowing. Find The Bam&Boo Challenge here.


    3. Join Netflix Party

    Whoever is not a Netflix fan, cast a stone ;) This platform is a wonderful way to link up with friends and host long movie nights. For free. Let’s party!

    4. Enjoy live-stream concerts

    Artists from all over the world are hosting live-stream performances from home and connecting in a meaningful way with their audiences. This is surely an incredible way of spreading grooves and not germs keeping the social distance through social and streaming platforms. Browse to find your gig here

    5. Visit museums online

    There are no excuses to neglect culture tours. Some of the best world’s museums and art galleries are offering virtual visits. Just enter full-screen mode and watch a masterpiece up close.

    6. Declutter 

    Are you familiar with Marie Kondo’s tidying up method? Start by a drawer before heading to your pantry or wardrobe. Keep this centering thought: it’s not about minimalism, it’s about sparking joy, which we most need right now staying home.


    7. Cook more

    Julia Child said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” We agree :) We love eating and now we can find the time to cook more and healthier recipes. Dust your cooking books, swap recipes with family & friends, check some cool cooking apps here.

    8. Commit to Home Fitness

    Either do your own training program, follow Youtube videos according to your favorite workout (cardio, core power, strengthening exercises, Pilates, yoga) or join live-stream trainers.

    9. Subscribe Online courses 

    What about taking that repeatedly postponed course? Just make your pick: a new language, personal development, animal health, sketching, dancing…  you name it.


    10. Dedicate to Gardening 

    To reconnect to nature through gardening is indeed a balm in this social distance period. Start your vegetable garden, put down a few roots in your balcony, window or indoors to make your home greener and healthier. 

    11. Start a journal

    You don’t need to write well, not even every day. It’s a simple way to clear your mind, to stop ideas, thoughts, and feelings from bouncing and organize them in a journal to be reminded post-quarantine. Tip: find a calm place for yourself, focus and start “I feel / I want / Today I…” and keep track of time (5-15 minutes). Let it flow.


    12. Play board games 

    Either traditional or virtual, it’s always a fun time connection. Our Team’s best-of: Dixit, Cards Against Humanity, Monopoly, playing cards, naval battle, Mikado, Party&Co, Pictionary.

    13. Listen to audiobooks and podcasts

    As always this is a wonderful and practical way of learning, entertaining or uplifting your mood. Check a list of apps and podcasts here.

    14. Make a mood board

    How are we coping with these uncertain days? It can be the topic to inspire you alone or together with your family & friends. Just gather images, text, colors, and textures and make a composition. It can be traditionally made with scissors & glue or digital


    15. Put together a playlist & dance 

    Yes, dance like nobody's watching! It’s liberating and therapeutic! 

    16. Organize a photo album 

    What better timing than now to organize those holiday photos in your smartphone or desktop? There are plenty of online services to assist you on your digital album and you’ll love receiving it in your mailbox. Or else, do it in the old fashioned beautiful style.

    17. DIY

    Remember all those old bamboo toothbrushes that you are keeping aside to reuse for funny or meaningful purposes? Get your hands on it and find ideas here.


    18. Read aloud stories

    To your kids, to the elderly, by the window to your neighbors. Our recommendation: pick a positive title and share and spread the good vibrations.

    19. Connect with a stranger

    In these times of physical isolation, the Human Minute offers a space of silence with a random person online. Both will share one minute together, looking at each other over a silent video connection. It helps you slow down, be real and present for you and the other person. Technology transcends barriers and strengthens the connection with ourselves and others.

    20. Do nothing

    This is the ultimate task, not as easy as you might think. Just lie on the sofa, or sit by the window. Contemplate, focus on your breath and nurture positive thoughts and feelings. 




    #StayHome #TakeCare #BeStrong And never stop smiling!


    Feel free to leave your comments below. We would love to hear your ideas and tips. Join our community!



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