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7 Simple Shifts For a More Sustainable Life in 2021

  • 4 min read

7 Simple Shifts For a More Sustainable Life in 2021 | The Bam&Boo Blog | Bam&Boo Bamboo Toothbrush

2020 was a year that many want to forget, so 2021 needs to be the one to remember – and for good reasons! Check out 7 tips for a sustainable life in 2021.

This past year has been very atypical. Many changes happened, many sad news. Many have been in lockdown, and many had to get new hobbies to get their minds busy during quarantine. During this time, global carbon emissions were reduced, due to, for example, there being much fewer cars on the roads, and the Earth Overshoot Day 2020 happened the 22nd of August – it hadn’t been this late in 15 years!

Unfortunately, and very quickly, disposable masks and gloves started washing ashore in several beaches around the world, the use of disposable plastics exploded, and as soon as some restrictions relaxed, carbon emissions went up again. The sustainable life the beginning of the year started to show, quickly started fading away – as a necessary evil, given the pandemic context.

With a new year, 2021, comes a new hope for mankind and, who knows, a new hope for the environment? Let’s make of 2021 the year of conscious choices, of green options and of sustainable lives.

Go organic

A sustainable life can never be separated from organic products, be it food, hygiene products, cleaning products, detergents or clothes, among others. An organic product is made of materials obtained from organic agriculture, and organic agriculture includes not using artificial or toxic fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides, and using eco-friendly tools and machinery in the harvests. Choosing organic is not only the path to a sustainable life environment-wise but also health-wise. Choose wisely!

Prioritise fair-trade

Fair trade is when producers in developing countries are paid a fair price for their work and products by companies in developing countries. This includes food but also other products like clothing. It helps prevent both slave work and child labour, and ensures workers and producers are paid enough to afford life’s essentials, like food, health care, shelter and education. Fair trade is a way to a sustainable life, both yours and those who provide essential goods for you.

Compensate for your emissions

Many airlines have already introduced a carbon offsetting fee to their passengers, either voluntary or mandatory, that helps fund projects that compensate CO2 emissions. Similarly, many brands are investing in climate-neutral products, whose sales help fund for different offsetting projects. At The Bam&Boo, our sustainable toothbrush helps the Forest Protection in Santa Maria, Brazil, and our natural toothpaste supports Clean Oceans.

Reduce your footprint

Have you calculated your ecological footprint lately? Maybe you should. Small but meaningful changes in your day can lead you to a much more sustainable life, like eating less meat and animal-derived foods, carpooling more, taking the bus, train, or metro instead of the car, cycling to work, riding an electric scooter, buying efficient appliances, among many others.

Green swaps

Many objects and products in your day-to-day do not seem as harmful to the environment as they really are, but greener, eco-friendlier alternatives exist. For example, cotton buds, usually made of plastic sticks with cotton tips, are a nightmare when it comes to recycling them – swap the traditional ones for bamboo & organic cotton buds, 100% biodegradable! Or what about plastic straws? There are much better alternatives to the old disposable plastic straws, like paper, metal or reusable plastic – but have you heard of washable, reusable, biodegradable bamboo straws? Or biodegradable and natural bamboo dental floss? Don’t miss out on a sustainable life in 2021, start the green swaps today!

Adopt second hand

How can second-hand lead to a more sustainable life? Well, by donating clothes you don’t use anymore and are still in good shape, instead of throwing them, and by buying second-hand clothes and items instead of brand new you are: keeping clothes away from landfills; donating to institutions or charities who will make them available to someone else; helping people who would maybe not be able to buy quality clothing; helping to avoid the production of new clothing and the use of more natural resources; decreasing pollution; promoting circular economy. Again, a very small gesture can set you on the right path towards a sustainable life.

Say hi to zero-waste

Have you heard of zero-waste? You probably have, but we’ll restate: zero-waste is a movement based on a set of principles focused on preventing waste and encouraging the redesign of products to both extend their lifetimes and allow reuse. The goal of zero-waste is for no trash to be sent to landfills, incinerators or to end up in the ocean. Examples of zero waste products are The Bam&Boo’s toothpaste tabs that come in a handy reusable tin, The Bam&Boo’s natural toothpaste with a 100% recyclable aluminium tube, The Bam&Boo’s bamboo toothbrush whose handle can be composted and the bristles recycled, a handy cotton tote bag to say goodbye forever to any disposable plastic bag, and many more. A sustainable life works in sustainable ways!

Check out how to dispose of a bamboo toothbrush in three easy steps!

Feel free to leave your comments below. We would love to hear your ideas and tips. Join our community!



(Photo by freestocks on Unsplash)

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