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How Can I Make My Bathroom Sustainable?

  • 2 min read

 How Can I Make My Bathroom Sustainable? | The Bam&Boo Blog | Bam&Boo Bamboo Toothbrush

The bathroom is probably the most challenging part of the house to #gogreen. We give you 20 ideas to make your bathroom more sustainable. Remember: do whatever you can and after a while, it will become a habit. 

Yes, it is challenging to change products, habits, and equipment in the bathroom. There’s always an impact on our routine, on our pockets (mostly money-saving!) and surely on the planet. 

Probably you have already adopted some of these ideas. So just be open to following others and taking bathroom sustainability to the next level. We strongly believe in the power of a lot of people acting correctly through small steps leading to big changes.

Bear in mind that we are not promoting discarding every product or equipment that you already own. We mostly advocate that youconsider replacing some habits and products in the short run and in the long run you’ll integrate more sustainable practices.

What sustainable bathroom products can you change? 

1. Choose recycled and responsibly-sourced toilet paper.

2. Prefer ethical makeup brands.

3. Use washable/reusable facial pads.

4. Switch to solid shampoo handmade, natural-based and plastic-free. 

5. Use compostable trash bags in your toilet bin. 

6. Choose bamboo toothbrushes. Check 3 main reasons here.

7. Opt for toothpaste tablets instead of plastic tubes. 

8. Sign up for organic period products with no nasty ingredients and less harmful to the environment.

9. Look for natural ingredients and plastic-free deodorants

10. When possible order refillable toiletries with reusable containers.

Which sustainable bathroom habits can you change? 

11. Needless to say: reduce shower time #turnoffwater. You can always use a clock.

12. Cut down on products that use plastic packaging.

13. Wash your towels less.

14. Line dry your towels between uses, instead of using a dryer. It helps in reducing the carbon footprint.

15. Opt for cleaning with green, non-toxic cleaners. Or else, try some homemade recipes.  

What bathroom equipment can you change to make it more sustainable? 

16. Install low-flow taps and dual flush systems in toilets.

17. Switch to LED light bulbs.

18. Use a cloth, PVC-free shower curtain, eco-friendlier and easier to clean in the washing machine.

19. Choose bath towels and mats, robes made of sustainable materials, like organic cotton.

20. Put a wastebasket in the bathroom. It will remind you to recycle. 


Hopefully, you have already planted a seed to a more sustainable bathroom picking a couple of these ideas. Don’t hesitate in sharing with us and the world around you your efforts in this eco-journey. 

Feel free to leave your comments below. We would love to hear your ideas and tips. Join our community!



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