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KIT | Foamnomenal - Shampoo Bar & Soap Bar


KIT | Foamnomenal - Shampoo Bar & Soap Bar

Shampoo Bar: Normal Hair
Soap Bar: Rosemary & Clay


Make your daily routine a party and embrace our Foamnomenal Kit. Provide all the benefits of our selected raw materials not only to your hair, and skin but also to our planet. A three-in-one experience of zero-waste.

  • Give your hair the best natural ingredients for soft and luxurious texture. And while you’re at it remove all the plastics from your shower. The best of both worlds. With every Shampoo Bar you are saving two regular plastic bottles.

    Choose your hair type:

    • Normal Hair
    • Sensitive Scalp
    • Oily Hair
    • Dry Hair

    Handmade in Portugal with local and specifically sourced natural ingredients. Perfect to provide your skin all the hydration it needs with an amazing feeling of hydration, straight out of the shower.

    Five different scents available:

    • Rosemary & Clay
    • Charcoal & Pine
    • Wine & Vine Leaves
    • Sea Salt
    • Cocoa & Rosemary


    Dispose of paper wrapping and cardboard box in the cardboard recycling bin.