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KIT | Luminous - Floral Water & Reusable Cleaning Pads


KIT | Luminous - Floral Water & Reusable Cleaning Pads


Bring out your inner luminosity with this kick-ass product duo. Our Luminous Kit is perfect to use in the steps of your routine as a toner, makeup remover, or just a fresh citrusy spritz.

  • Made from the finest organic and natural ingredients our Cleansing Water is the key to lift impurities, gently cleanse your skin and remove makeup without any addition of oil or alcohol.

    Designed for daily use, our sustainable pads are ideal for simply washing your face or just removing makeup. Made from a blend of bamboo fiber and cotton our cleaning pads are long-lasting and efficient. Each pad can be used up to 250 times with laundry bag included.


    Reuse amber bottle or dispose of in glass recycling container. Lid and sticker should be disposed of in plastic recycling container.