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2 reviews

Our Floral Cleansing Water is the perfect combo for you. Its finest organic and natural ingredients are key to lifting impurities, gently cleansing your skin and removing makeup without any addition of oil or alcohol.

Size: 100ml


Zero Waste Product
Vegan Product
Cruelty-Free Product
Zero Waste Product
Vegan Product
Cruelty-Free Product
  • On a quest for a Toner, Make-up Remover or even an Eau de Toilette? Look no further!

    Our Floral Cleansing Water can be used for all these multiple purposes while leaving a sweet, fresh and natural scent that invites you to calm down and relax.

    Pair with other pampering products such as Reusable Cleaning Pads and Face Hydrating Cream and enjoy your private homemade Spa.

    Made in Portugal.


    • The ambar glass should be tossed in the glass container and the top part on the plastic one.


    • Orange Blossom. Soothes the epidermis and softens skin.
Customer Reviews
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    Portugal Portugal
    Bom, versátil e amigo do ambiente

    Olá. Gostei muito deste produto. Especialmente por ser tão versátil. Serve como um produto de limpeza, mas também o uso nas almofadas da cama para dar um aroma suave e relaxante que é realmente bom. E finalmente também o utilizei apenas como um hidratante facial muito suave. Gosto dele! :)

    Amy W.
    Portugal Portugal
    Suave e gentil para a minha pele

    Grande experiência, o cheiro é adorável e a minha pele fica óptima.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is floral water used for?

    Floral water is quickly replacing skin toners and tonics, due to its gentle cleansing, hydrating, and refreshing properties. It can be used as a general cleanser, as a makeup remover, as a face tonic, or just as a soothing, refreshing agent for sensitive or tired skin.

    What are the benefits of floral water?

    Floral water is much milder than essential oil, since it is much less concentrated, but has the same beneficial properties. Floral water also acts as a tonic, but it is much gentler to the skin since it is a natural product.

    Floral water brings together the benefits of essential oils and their plants, and the tenderness of pure water, making it delicate on the skin but powerful on your senses.

    Can I remove makeup with the Bam&Boo Floral Water?

    Yes! Floral water is perfect to remove light makeup. Apply the floral water to a cleansing pad and gently massage it onto the skin to clean the makeup.

    Can I cleanse the skin with floral water?

    Yes. The Bam&Boo Floral Water was specially designed as a skin cleanser, so yes, you can (and should) cleanse your skin with it!

    Does floral water help soothe inflamed skin?

    Yes. Applying floral water directly onto your skin, by spraying it at a distance of 15-20 cm, will bring you a refreshing, revitalising feeling to your skin. Can be applied to the skin with minor inflammations, sunburns, and superficial wounds.

    Can I use floral water in the body?

    Yes! Floral water should be used externally only but is appropriate for normal skin like the neck, chest, arms, legs, etc. Use it to clean makeup or to clean your skin after a long day, or to refresh the face, neck and chest on a particularly hot or stressful day.

    Do I have to rinse off floral water?

    No. Floral water should not be rinsed in order to enjoy all its benefits on the skin.

    Can I ingest floral water?

    No. Bam&Boo Floral Cleansing Water is not safe to drink or use in food.

    Is the Bam&Boo Floral Cleansing Water bio?

    Yes! 100% of the ingredients used in the making of Bam&Boo Floral Cleansing Water are from organic farming. It is also vegan, natural, and eco-friendly.

    What types of floral water are available?

    Right now, we have Orange Blossom Floral Cleansing Water available in our shop. Take a look at our Personal Care collection.