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Alcohol free, Paraben free, Baking Soda free and Aluminum free.
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NATURAL DEODORANT | Soft - Talcum Powder & Cotton Flower


NATURAL DEODORANT | Soft - Talcum Powder & Cotton Flower

Stick Deodorant

18 reviews


If you have a natural craving for a fresh and subtle scent, then our combination of Talcum Powder and Cotton Flower is exactly what you need. Have a glorious start to your day with the most delicate notes of a wonderful fragrance.

Size: 55g
Estimated duration: 2 months
All Skin Types (Sensitive Skin friendly)
100% Free of Parabens, Aluminum, Alcohol, and Baking Soda


Product made with Natural Ingredients
Vegan Product
Cruelty-Free Product
Product made with Natural Ingredients
Vegan Product
Cruelty-Free Product
  • Take a fresh new step on your eco-journey! Get 24 hours of freshness with this effective combination of natural ingredients. Let our Natural Deodorant kick out unwanted odors from your life, with zero compromise to your skin’s health or the Planet. 100% free of parabens, aluminum, and plastic. The real challenge will be picking your favorite scent!

    We’ll give you nature on a tube and provide 24-hours of freshness without affecting the natural flora of your skin or blocking its natural perspiration.

    TRIETHYL CITRATE: The first natural deodorant active ingredient, that has a clinically proven 24-hour effect. Its synergistic composition is highly effective against microorganisms that cause body odor.

    ZINC RICINOLEATE: A highly effective deodorant based on a zinc salt of ricinolein acid. It does not stop natural perspiration. It has no bactericidal or fungicidal properties and therefore does not affect the skin's natural flora.

    WHITE CLAY: Very effective in regulating skin fat and improving its elasticity.

    SHEA BUTTER: Regulates skin's moisture content and has a moisturizing, soothing and calming effect.

    Made in Portugal.


    Clean out any product residue and recycle in appropriate cardboard bin.


    • Triethyl Citrate. Highly effective against microorganisms that cause body odor.
    • Zinc Ricinoleate. Highly effective deodorant that doesn’t stop natural perspiration and doesn’t affect skin’s natural flora.
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    Isa P.
    Portugal Portugal
    I recommend this product


    Interessante, eficaz.

    Spain Spain
    I recommend this product


    I have to admit, I was a little sceptical of this deodrant simply because I sweat a little more than the average bear and was worried that it wouldn't hold up, particularly during the summer of 2022, which has been so hot so far. However, I love it! It's so soft on my underarms, smells fantastic, comes in a cute package, and lasts the entire day without a problem. It actually works better than my usual go-to (Dove) and I'm definitely converted. I'll be subscribing to the monthly delivery as soon as I move into my new place because it's definitely worth it. If you're hesitating about buying it, don't. Do it. You won't regret it.

    Maria J.
    Portugal Portugal
    I recommend this product


    Recomendo, porque o cheiro e o produto em si é maravilhoso. Só a forma de recolher o produto é poderia estar pensado de outra forma. Levei em viagem e na primeira utilização devido ao calor e apesar de seguir as vossas recomendações de utilização, correu muito mal. Foi com cuidado mas ainda assim….

    Patrícia I.
    Portugal Portugal
    I recommend this product


    Não estava habituada já a este tipo de roll-on mas é de fácil utilização, uma questão de hábito apenas :) adorei o cheirinho e deixa a pele macia, perfeito!

    Margarida B.
    Portugal Portugal
    I recommend this product

    NATURAL DEODORANT | Soft - Talcum Powder & Cotton Flower

    é muito bom! apenas a embalagem precisa de alguns ajustes (o roll-on nem sempre funciona), mas qualidade do produto vale muito a pena.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is natural deodorant better?

    The simple reason is your body needs to sweat! Traditional deodorants tend to clog your pores and not allow your body to sweat the way it needs to. Natural deodorants don’t disrupt the natural flora of your skin and allow for natural perspiration to occur.
    Allowing your body to sweat the way it needs to may reduce the amount of perspiration and bad odor.

    Can I just switch to natural deodorant?

    Yes, natural deodorants should agree with everyone. However, remember you are switching from an aluminum deodorant to a natural one. You must give your body some time to adjust to these changes.

    How long does it take for my body to adjust to natural deodorant?

    It can take up to 30 days for your body to adjust to natural deodorant, although some people might have a shorter adjustment period. During this time, it is totally normal that you notice a spike in your body odor. This is your body getting rid of all the aluminum clogging your pores and regulating the natural flora of the skin.

    Do I have to detox before switching to natural deodorant?

    By switching to natural deodorant your body will go through a process of detox. This is totally normal and unavoidable. However, some tricks that can help you reduce the body odor during your detox are:

    - Dabbing apple cider vinegar or witch hazel on dry underarm before applying your deo.

    - Doing a clay mask for a max of 10 mins on your underarm.

    - Using a charcoal soap to wash your underarms before applying deodorant.

    Can I use Bam&Boo’s natural deodorant on sensitive skin?

    Our Natural Deodorant formula was developed with our whole community in mind. For that reason, we decided to exclude sodium bicarbonate from this first version of our Natural Deodorant formula. Therefore, it should not cause dryness or irritation on sensitive skin.

    Nonetheless, remember we always recommend that you test a new product on your wrist before use.

    Friendly reminder! If you know what ingredients you may be allergic or sensitive to, it is important you always check our ingredients list.

    What is the difference between our Natural Deo formula and other Eco-Friendly brands?

    The biggest difference is essentially the exclusion of baking soda and essential oils from its list of ingredients.

    Baking Soda is a very common ingredient used in Natural Deodorant formulas. However, from experience and customer feedback, we’ve realized that in some cases this ingredient can be harsh and cause allergic reactions. For this reason, we opted for a base formula with natural, simple, and neutral ingredients.

    Essential Oils are also excluded from our Natural Deodorant Formula. This decision is backed up by the same reasoning as the exclusion of Baking Soda from our formula. Our scents are composed of very low percentages of natural fragrances. Please note, fragrance composition may include essential oils, however, these are in minute quantities.

    As such, our formula is free from aluminum, alcohol, parabens, baking soda and essential oils (fragrance composition might contain minute percentages).

    Can the cardboard tube be recycled?

    Our cardboard tubes are fully recyclable and biodegradable under the correct conditions. The tube is permeated with an internal barrier that stops grease from damaging the cardboard and allows for the product to be dispensed with ease.

    The lining is made from greaseproof paper, no plastic.

    Recommendation! Before recycling, wipe out the deodorant tube of any residue to avoid contamination.