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Natural Deodorant Regular
24hr effect
Maintaining the natural flora of your skin healthy

Natural Deodorant Maximum Protection
Longer lasting and higher resistance

Natural Deodorant Sensitive
For extra-sensitive skin

Natural Deodorant

Formulated with care at 100%

Alcohol free, Paraben free, and Aluminum free. All Natural, Vegan and Cruelty free.


One Mission.
Five Benefits.

Natural and vegan ingredients, packed with soothing antioxidants and nutrients that will help you take care of your skin.

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Gift Sets

From the Azores

Specifically curated to enhance the daily personal care routines of those most dear to us.

Gift Set Pico
Starter Routine

Gift Set Lagoa
Body & Shower Routine

Gift Set Graciosa
Face Care Routine


Limited edition travel pouch illustrated by Yara Kono included.

SOAP BAR | Wine & Vine Leaves

SOAP BAR | Wine & Vine Leaves

A deeply cleansing soap perfect for regular hand washing. The combination of wine and vine leaves present in the formula add antioxidants and rich nutrients while the hydrating oils will keep your skin soft and protected.

Size: 100gr


Zero Waste Product
Vegan Product
Cruelty-Free Product
Zero Waste Product
Vegan Product
Cruelty-Free Product

  • When compared with liquid soap, soap bars are equally effective in lowering the number of microbes on your skin. Our carefully chosen formulas are filled with natural and pure ingredients from Portugal to help you cleanse your skin while moisturizing and hydrating.

    Ready to start glowing and spreading big smiles? This lovely soap bar is packed with antioxidants that promote soothed and conditioned skin.

    Handmade in Portugal.


    • Compostable.


    • Wine. Packed with antioxidants.
    • Vine. Soothing and conditioning on the skin.

wine & vine

Packed with antioxidants
Soothing and conditioning on the skin

wine & vine

Packed with antioxidants
Soothing and conditioning on the skin

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Wine in soap bars?

Wine is made from grapes, thus adding an extra aspect of antioxidants and rich nutrients to this product. Besides the skin-loving benefits, Wine also offers a highly luxurious lather rich in creamy bubbles to your finished soap bars.

Is Bam&Boo Wine Soap Bar good for skin?

Resveratrol found in grape skin provides you with anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Polyphenols in red wine can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Are Vine Leaves the same as Grape Leaves?

Generally, Grape Leaves are picked from wild vines and Vine Leaves come from cultivated vines. Vine Leaves are the ones used in our soap for their higher nutritious characteristics.

What are the benefits of Vine Leaves?

Vine Leaves are soothing and conditioning. Great effects on the skin.