A caring note from The Bam&Boo Team about COVID-19

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A caring note from The Bam&Boo Team about COVID-19

Dear Bam&Boo Customer,


This is an uncertain time. We are all facing an unprecedented situation. The past year has been an extraordinary challenge for all of us,as we are all affected in some way by the new coronavirus, COVID-19. This impacts on every person, every town, every country and every business across the globe.No matter what, you’re not alone.


We sincerely hope you and your loved ones are safe & healthy! 💚


We’ve been receiving questions from our community, and we are always here to answer them the best we can.


      • Yes, we areoperating and shipping your orders.
      • Yournext order will be shippedon its scheduled date.
      • As we are living an unique and unprecedented situation, your order may take longer than expected to be delivered. Mail services are running as normal, but some delays can happen due to services restrictions.Please allow up to 20 days to get your order delivered.
      • We arefollowing official directives and advice. Most importantly, we're alsoprotecting the safety of our team, customers, suppliers, delivery partners, and our communities at large.
      • All workers are implementing “social distancing” practices and wearing masks.Everyone who can is working from home 🏡

We can only reassure you thatwe’ll carry on doing the best we can! We certainly hopeyou’ll also carry on being your best self, staying responsible and acting with kindness. And a huge part of social distancing is keeping in touch through social media, right? So,let’s connect@thebamandboo.We’re with you 100%!


Lastly, if there’s anything we can do to help you or your loved ones, please do get in touch and email us here. We’re here to listen and support you in any way we can.


Stay safe and healthy, andas always Keep Smiling!

The Bam & Boo Team


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