Meet our amazing characters right here! - Bamboo Toothbrush Bam&Boo

Meet our amazing characters right here!

The Bam&Boo Characters

Bam and Boo are inspired by a real family. 

A father (Bam) paying tribute to his beautiful daughter nicknamed Boo in school since ever, due to their family name (spelt Bu and pronounced Boo). This gesture is about her future. He sincerely hopes that she’ll be proud of this one day. 

Bam, the Panda, and Boo, the Girl, are best friends and together they travel around the world to live, learn and share inspiration.


BAM is 29 years old. He’s very protective as a father figure. He’s strong and he already has some wisdom coming from the wildlife. He's also very brave and fair. He's naturally introverted, but that's OK. Sometimes he doesn't have the initiative or the energy to take a step forward. Can you guess who gives him a little push? 
BOO is 5 years old. She’s brown hair and brown eyes. Sometimes she’s spoiled for being a girl and the youngest of three children. She’s always protected by her older brothers and friends. She's a very warm and young sweetheart. Despite being smart, she's still naive and obviously lacking the experience of elders. Boo is very outgoing and full of energy.  
BAM and BOO are best friends and together they complement and balance each other. Likewise humans and nature. Bam represents all we can find in Nature. And Boo shines the best of our human nature. 
Hand in hand they discover that life and the world are much better together.


Simple Actions. Big Smiles.

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