The Bam&Boo #gogreen Gift Pack - Family Nr2

The Bam&Boo #gogreen Gift Pack - Family Nr2

Regular price €34.90 Sale

As per our clients request we're happy to launch this #gogreen gift pack!  

This is a LIMITED EDITION with a special discount price + free shipping.


2 formats available:

- With cotton bag - 34,90€

- Without cotton bag - 32,90€


It includes:

- 2 Bamboo Adult Toothbrushes - Soft

- 2 Bamboo Kid Toothbrushes - Soft

- 1 Bamboo Dental Floss (30m)

- 1 Pack of Bamboo Cotton Buds (100 units)

- 1 Pack of Bamboo Straws (2 units)

-  Optional: 1 Cotton shopping bag 


Obs: For specific toothbrush colors request them at the checkout (notes form).



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