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Flossing is a must in your daily care routine. By choosing Bam&Boo’s Dental Floss, you'll feel a super fresh mouth with an incredible minty sensation. And your teeth will also get whiter due to the charcoal presence in the formula.

30 metres


Vegan Product
Cruelty-Free Product
Vegan Product
Cruelty-Free Product

  • Interdental cleaners such as floss are an essential part of taking care of your teeth and gums as cleaning between your teeth removes plaque from the areas where a toothbrush can’t reach. For a complete oral care routine, use it together with our bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste and tongue cleaner :)

    If you have already tried using dental floss and you aren’t a fan, don’t worry! We might have the perfect solution for you here.


    • Glass and a cardboard box that are both recycled in the respective container.


    • Bamboo. One of the most sustainable raw materials in the world, known for its antibacterial properties.
    • Peppermint Oil. Helps kill common bacteria that can lead to cavities and gum diseases while leaving a refreshing minty sensation.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It is the BEST DENTAL FLOSS I have ever used. The thickness is just right and the texture is perfect, it is easy to hold so you don't have to wrap it around the finger more than once and it cleans very well.



I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It is the BEST DENTAL FLOSS I have ever used. The thickness is just right and the texture is perfect, it is easy to hold so you don't have to wrap it around the finger more than once and it cleans very well.



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    i love it

    just amazing! i can't live without it >3

    Foteini S.
    Greece Greece
    Love it!

    I am constantly in the lookout for natural products, a friend put me on to yours and they certainly fit the bill! I love the feel and they work great for **** hygiene. I also loved the personal touch on the package, thank you for going the extra mile :-) You have a repeater!

    The Bam&Boo Toothbrush

    Hey Foteini! Thank you so much for what you've said! It's awesome to know that you have found us! Be welcome to this incredible eco journey! We truly hope you enjoy it :)

    Holly W.
    United States United States
    Nice texture and works well

    I like the texture of the dental floss. It grabs on to stuff stuck between the teeth well.

    The Bam&Boo Toothbrush

    Hey Holly! Great feedback! Thank you so much for your review :)

    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Excellent product, eco-friendly, and nice peppermint flavour is a great finishing touch!

    I just chuck it in my food waste bin after using it so it goes for composting+biogas for electricity production (in the UK). Only thing about Bam&Boo is their products take about 3 weeks to arrive, which I understand given it keeps costs low and so the products will be affordable, but I sometimes worry about stuff getting lost in 2nd class non-tracked mail! But yeah, highly recommend this company! Only other thing tho is their bamboo toothbrush, which is more eco-friendly than plastic, but the bristles are still made from plastic:( the only other alternatives on the market are made from animal hair like boar, but as a vegan I can't use that either. It's a compromise, i guess, but would be nice to have completely plastic-free, vegan toothbrushes.

    The Bam&Boo Toothbrush

    Hey! Thank you so much for your detailed feedback! We truly believe this type of comments is crucial to us, as they lead to possible future improvements. You've approached two important topics. Regarding delivery time, we try to reduce the footprint to the most, as we send every package in standard mail. This means we aren't setting up a specific delivery, our packages are sorted with the local post and get delivered by a post man that would likely pass by your house anyway with other mail. Also, with our delivery method, we are in fact eliminating one step of the Route To Market (the step of delivering to a store and then be transported home by each shopper. In terms of bristles, they are the only part of the toothbrush that is not 100% eco-friendly, the fact is there isn't an alternative in the market so far that satisfies us in terms of both ecology and the quality that we want to guarantee in terms of oral care. We use Nylon 6 (BPA free) which is the standard of bristles in the market and that guaranties the best brushing quality. It's not yet as green as we would like but it's still the best way to grant a good oral care. We're looking for alternatives but the only one 100% green and functional is animal hair (pig, horse) which we don't approve. However we'll keep searching for alternatives. We know that there is a long way to go and we work hard every day with our partners in order to improve and towards a greener planet :)

    Greece Greece
    Dental floss

    Best floss I ever used!Only thing I would like differently is to be able to refill the jar I already have with a refill version of the floss

    The Bam&Boo Toothbrush

    Hey Georgia! Thank you so much for what you've said! Actually, although it is an amazing thought and one which we really want to work on in the future, currently we don't sell the floss separately for refills. Meanwhile, you may dispose of your container in the glass recycling and the lid with the tin and metal recycling, or give it a second use to store something small or for crafts. It's not yet as green as we would like, however we will continue to work closely with our manufacturers to develop better alternatives. Thanks a million :)

    Frequently asked questions

    Why is flossing so important?

    According to the American Dental Association (ADA), interdental cleaners such as floss are an essential part of taking care of your teeth and gums. Cleaning between teeth removes plaque that can lead to cavities or gum disease from the areas where a toothbrush can't reach.

    How often should one floss?

    The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you clean between your teeth using floss, or an alternative interdental cleaner (our Interdental Brushes, for instance), once each day.

    For how long does The Bam&Boo Dental Floss last?

    Daily usage = approx. 3 months 

    Average usage = approx. 6 months

    Why don’t you offer refills?

    Great question! It has been quite challenging but we may or may not have some news coming in the near future ;)

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